Sunday, 14 June 2015

Working in the garden

Well it turns out that God does indeed move in mysterious ways. In my last post I was feeling a little depressed about the state of things then, barely 48 hours later, I was struck down by a stomach bug that my sister-in-law thoughtfully brought down with her for our Bank Holiday family get-together. I lost about 9lbs in four days. I couldn't eat anything. It was awful and I'm not sure I've ever been so ill.
All I could think was how lucky it was that I wasn't pregnant and therefore didn't have to worry about anything other than being ill.
See? Mysterious ways.
SBB and I have been working in the garden. I had to tackle the front garden because, frankly, it was looking like someone had lost a game of Jumanji out there.
Then I turned my attention to the hedge bed which is currently edged with stone but I have plans to bed in some grey bricks that SBB rescued from being thrown in a skip. The webbing also has some weeds and brambles growing up through it so I'm going to replace that too.
SBB has been working in the back garden, putting a path in alongside the finished patio and digging out the garden path to our driveway which we've been working on (I'll post pictures later)

Happily, the sunshine and warm weather has brought out the flowers - and the bees!