Saturday, 25 July 2015

There's a Headcrab in my garden

I made an odd discovery in our garden recently and I'm not sure what it is but it reminds me uncomfortably of a Headcrab (from Half-Life) or the red and black thing that chases Chris Pine in Star Trek. If anyone has any clue what it is, please let me know - it'd be nice to know that an alien species isn't hatching in my garden.
Creepy, isn't it?

Butterflies have been abundant and I've been trying to snap pictures of them when I can.

We've also got a new blackbird in our garden. We already have one blackbird that lives in our hedge and makes a next every year - he's rather friendly and is perfectly happy to come and sit near our feet when we're digging anything up in the garden. I've named him Benji.
But when we were last out in the garden we noticed a different blackbird - it may be Benji's son, we're not sure. He looks a little raggedy (possibly due to still losing his baby feathers?) so I've called him Scrappy Toots.
He's quite friendly, though, and came all the way up to my foot but I didn't want to get my phone out to take a picture in case it scared him away.
SBB has cleared along the back hedge, creating a tunnel in the foliage which looks rather magical, I think.