Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Project B boxes - month 6 to 8

I've signed up to Project B - a company that sends out subscription boxes. (I pay for my subscription so this hasn't been commissioned by Project B in any way). I came a little late to the boxes, only subscribing in January, so didn't have any of the earlier ones. I've been quite happy with the ones I have had though and it's very exciting when they arrive.

Month 6 - The theme for this box was Energise. The only things I've tried so far are the Paws fruit snacks, the Nairns oatcakes (both of which are really tasty) and the Skin Therapy Oil - which is okay for an oil but I don't like it as much as the Palmers creams.

Month 7 - The theme for this month was Relax. It came with a book on hypnobirthing which I was quite excited about - and I found it refreshing to receive something with a positive outlook rather than the negativity I've experienced elsewhere. The other item I was excited about was the alcohol-free wine. As a non-drinker I've always struggled to find good quality alcohol-free drinks that aren't normal soft drinks. Enter Eisberg and wow. It's delicious. SBB even enjoyed it and he's never keen on rose. I put it together with some jerk chicken (recipe from The Hairy Bikers Eat for Life), coconut rice and green beans. I was very impressed and, as it turns out, they sell it at Morrisons so I'm going to head down there to try the white and the red too - and pick up a few more bottles of the rose!

Month 8 - The theme for this month was Prepare, which is useful because that's sort of my theme for the month too! This box only arrived today so I haven't tried anything yet but I was really impressed by how much was in the box. There are a few items I'm definitely planning on putting in my hospital bag - the Nivea in-shower moisturiser, breast pads, Gluco Juice, toothbrush, baby wipes and coconut oil. I'm also quite excited to try the bottle - not myself, obviously - although I'm planning on mainly breastfeeding. I'm not sure how useful the Sudocrem nappy rash cream will be as we'll be using cloth nappies and it's not recommended to use nappy rash cream with cloth.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

28 weeks pregnant - Reduced fetal movement

I had a bit of a scare on Monday - baby hadn't really been moving so I was thinking Tuesday morning I would have to go to the maternity unit. I had felt movements but they were so small and delicate that it worried me. Plus, there weren't nearly as many as usual.

However, Tuesday morning I gave the baby a good poke after breakfast and it responded beautifully. Then it spent the rest of the day kicking/punching the cr*p out of me which made me feel much better.

In fact since then the baby has been even more active than usual.

We went to a Mothercare Expectant Parent Event this week. The advert I saw for it said there would be ' mini presentations and small group sessions' on the topics of car seats and fitting advice, nursery furniture and sleep safety advice, pushchairs and prams, breast pumps and sterilising equipment and baby toys.
There were displays from a couple of local places - the library, independent midwives, antenatal classes etc - but the 'small group sessions' were essentially just whoever happened to be chatting with the assistants.
There was 10% off for the evening - but the evening was basically just Mothercare trying to sell us stuff so I was a little disappointed.

Friday, 4 March 2016

27 weeks pregnant

The heartburn eased at the beginning of this week and I finally got to go out for my birthday curry with SBB at Tamarind in Newport - our favourite restaurant.

I took my 'usual' afternoon walk for the first time this year and managed to do it again a couple of days later. It felt good and wasn't too uncomfortable, although I did have a bum/head pressing hard against my belly the majority of the walk. This baby loves the exercise!
The weather was good for the first time in ages so it was a lovely walk and I enjoyed the countryside.

I had ordered some swimwear from Sports Direct and that arrived this week. I bought a maternity swimsuit as mine were getting tight and uncomfortable. I also ordered a black tankini top to wear during labour, which is a little... skimpy... in the chest area. SBB raised an eyebrow when I tried it on, but, as I pointed out - some women go naked in the birthing pool so it's not like the midwives are going to look at me and think 'she's showing a bit too much breast for labour'. It ties at the neck so it will be very simple to tug free for breastfeeding and skin-to-skin. Plus it was only £2!

I feel like a bit of a broken record mentioning my discomfort during sleep, but its been a bit uncomfortable again - my hip aches from sleeping in the one position and my ear was aching too this week.

Our shower - after breaking twice within two weeks - has finally been fixed. Thank heavens for electrical-savvy fathers!