Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wildlife Wishlist

A couple of months ago I bought this scarf from not on the high street:

Hola Fox Scarf

It was on sale and I absolutely fell in love. I didn't really need a new scarf so I justified the purchase to myself by saying that SBB could give it to me for Christmas. It's so gorgeous I can't wait to open it on Christmas Day ('Oh Darling! How did you KNOW?') but now it's left me with a small obsession with country wildlife accessories.

Unfortunately it seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment so almost everywhere I look there is stuff I want to buy! It seems to be mainly foxes that I'm attracted to although I've noticed a couple of owls and hedgehogs too, but I think SBB would object if the house turned into a wildlife ornament menagerie...

But, just because I can't resist here are a few of my favourites:

 Fox pillow from red bubble

 Owl tote bag also from red bubble

 Fox duvet set from John Lewis

Hedgehog tealights from Next (I actually gave in and bought these with a gift voucher that was given to me by the guys at work as a wedding present... 3 years ago...[bashful face])

 Small acorn from Dunelm Mill (I know it's not wildlife but it's still part of the woodland theme!)

Fox doorstop from amazon

 Then on a walk through Newport town centre I saw this little guy:

Isn't he cute? He's in a shop called Available Light and I often stop to drool over the amazing prints and photos they have (which can also be seen here). I stopped in today to ask about the price but was a little worried that SBB would not be impressed if I bought it (considering we're saving up to our eyeballs) despite how much I really need want it.

However, to my surprise when I showed SBB the photo above he really liked it (yay! Happy dance!) so I'm going to go down to Newport tomorrow to see if the little guy is still there and, if so, to bring him home with me (after paying first, of course!).

PS none of the links are affiliate links - I just really like all the above stuff!