Friday, 8 August 2014

DIY is addictive

We've been in our bungalow for nearly three years now and the interior is pretty much finished - I know, I know it never ends! - but the garden is... well... embarrassing and still needs a lot of work to get it to where we're happy. The flat hit a bit of a lull over the last couple of months, SBB and I don't do well in the heat and as he's out in the sun all day (he's a bricklayer) by the time the evening comes round he's exhausted.

However, recently we realised that we really need to get a move on and do stuff! I did a few afternoons after work sanding down the woodwork in the living room this week and SBB set the first kitchen cabinet in place (a full run down of rooms is due, I promise) and that's when it happened. We got the DIY bug.

Suddenly every single piece of DIY is screaming to be done. Our heads are filled with patios and underground gyms, new sheds and driveways. Unfortunately all of this is for the bungalow, not the flat, so that doesn't really help with the whole lack of progress.

As odd as this sounds we actually enjoy DIY and, if we could, we'd do up houses for a living so perhaps it's not so surprising that we want to do a tonne of it but since we've started doing one thing we want to do EVERYTHING. Pictures next post, I promise!

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