Saturday, 5 March 2016

28 weeks pregnant - Reduced fetal movement

I had a bit of a scare on Monday - baby hadn't really been moving so I was thinking Tuesday morning I would have to go to the maternity unit. I had felt movements but they were so small and delicate that it worried me. Plus, there weren't nearly as many as usual.

However, Tuesday morning I gave the baby a good poke after breakfast and it responded beautifully. Then it spent the rest of the day kicking/punching the cr*p out of me which made me feel much better.

In fact since then the baby has been even more active than usual.

We went to a Mothercare Expectant Parent Event this week. The advert I saw for it said there would be ' mini presentations and small group sessions' on the topics of car seats and fitting advice, nursery furniture and sleep safety advice, pushchairs and prams, breast pumps and sterilising equipment and baby toys.
There were displays from a couple of local places - the library, independent midwives, antenatal classes etc - but the 'small group sessions' were essentially just whoever happened to be chatting with the assistants.
There was 10% off for the evening - but the evening was basically just Mothercare trying to sell us stuff so I was a little disappointed.

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