Thursday, 23 October 2014


It seemed I woke up one morning and the temperature had dropped by about five degrees. Brr! The log fire has been on every evening and, although I'm still refusing to turn the central heating on I'm starting to miss our bathroom fan heater (it was making a loud rattling noise so it was taken away to be fixed on Monday but isn't back yet :sad face:  )
Where did October go? It seems only five minutes ago that it was September! However, I have been thinking that I'm ready for October to be over. I'm not sure why. October is my favourite month and it's not like it's been a tough month - it's actually been quite fun!
Early October brought our anniversary - 3 years married - and last week I went away with my Mum for a mid-week break to Bournemouth.
We went to see Caro Emerald at the BIC and she was AWESOME. I think I'd put her up there in my top two of live performers (the other being Madness - those guys know how to put on a show!)
We stayed in the Queens Hotel and Spa and when we arrived the girl at reception told us our room had a sea glimpse. We discovered a 'glimpse' it was not, but instead probably the best view in the hotel:

 Mum was really pleased with the view. She phoned Dad immediately.
View from the other window

We made full use of the spa facilities - swimming every day and chilling out in the hot tub and sauna. Day two brought rain. Lots of it. So we wandered along the seafront and around the shops, had lunch out and generally spent some quality time together.
We noticed these cool metal sculptures on the railings down to the beach:

Rain clouds hovering

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel to rest, eat Greggs sandwiches and watch Jeremy Kyle (guilty pleasure) before getting changed.
Watching the rain.

Then we caught a taxi to the BIC by which time it was really hammering it down. We were on the end of the row and the two seats next to me were empty all night, which was nice. The two seats in front of us were eventually filled - 3 songs into Caro's set - and then vacated before she'd finished her first 'last song' (after which she came back for a really excellent encore)!

Caro on stage

The next morning brought more rain but we headed downstairs for one last swim and then went to the spa for treatment packages. By the time we'd finished the sun had come out and after heading out for a quick spot of lunch we headed home.

Bye Bournemouth!

It was a lovely little break and broke up my work week nicely - I only had to work Monday and Friday which was great!

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