Saturday, 15 August 2015

Little things make a big difference and a Sports Direct haul

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For a home improvement blog we haven't been doing much in the way of DIY recently. But we have done a couple of jobs that have been lingering on our 'to-do' list for years. Yes, that's right. Years.
We 'finished' the bungalow about three years ago - completing bits and pieces after we moved in. I think we even went a few months without a bathroom door but eventually the most important bits got finished and all the doors were hung... Except one.
The back bedroom, aka the junk room, aka the future nursery, had a door waiting to go on. I'd painted a base coat on one side but then I accidentally dropped it on it on the edge of a radiator and gouged a massive hole in it. SBB repaired it but I never got round to painting it. And so it sat, resting against the wall for 3 years. We didn't really mind that there wasn't a door on the back bedroom - plus Cillian enjoyed running in there and hiding under the bed when we weren't looking.
Then, last weekend when SBB decided that the door had been sat unused for far too long and decided to hang it. And here it is...!
Okay, it's not a very attractive door I'll grant you but it feels like we've finally got a complete house.
Another job that's been nagging at me was wardrobe storage. Years ago I bought a wrapping paper storage bag that is designed to hang on a hook on the back of a cupboard door. I'd intended to hang it in my wardrobe on a dowel rod and had even had it specially made in yellow and white fabric to match our bedroom. I'd told my dad about it and he very sweetly made four shaped blocks with holes pre-drilled to insert the dowel into.
Then, I'm ashamed to say, they sat, unused, on my dressing table for... ooh... probably about 2.5 years. But I've finally fitted them! Completely on my own too - SBB was out and I measured, I cut (slicing up my thumb nail in the process. Doh!) and I even used a level to make sure everything was square. It was the dirtiest level SBB owns (it lives in the garden and was covered in mud and spiderwebs) because he'd taken the key for his toolbox with him - but I was not deterred.
I was so happy to get them up - although I did forget to use the level when I attached the last one so it was a little wonky. Whoops.
But here they are, and I can't help smiling every time I open my wardrobe now.

Finally - just because I'm so chuffed - I'm going to share a clothing haul. SBB's Gran and Grandad always get me a M&S voucher for my birthday and sometimes for Christmas which is great because I only tend to shop there when I have a voucher.
This time I had a bit left on a old gift card and then this year's birthday voucher. I wanted to buy a new swimming costume as the last one I'd bought (also an M&S purchase) had been worn to death but when I got there they had the smallest section of swimwear I've ever seen and no basic, 'normal' costumes. For shame, M&S. For shame. The only option for me was the bandeau costumes which, for the bustier woman, were downright indecent. So that was a no. I left with a new pair of work trousers, three t-shirts (two white and one purple), a pair of white linen shorts and a birdhouse. I know the birdhouse seems a little random but I didn't want to leave anything on the gift cards and couldn't really find anything else I wanted - and who doesn't want to encourage birds to nest in their garden?

So, when I came home I went online in search of a new swimming costume. I just wanted a basic costume and I knew I'd seen some in Sports Direct so I headed to their website. I found some. I bought some. One for £3 and one for £4. That's right. £7 for TWO swimming costumes. Awesome. While I was there I decided to have a little browse of the rest of the sale and this is what I got:
2x swimming costumes
2x basic t-shirts
1x three-quarter length sleeve 'baseball' shirt
2x bikini bottoms
1x basic white vests
1x green vest
1x pair jeans
...all for the price of one M&S swimming costume. I was a little bit chuffed.

You can see my little spree in the picture below (although it doesn't include one of my white M&S t-shirts or the purple one as they're in the wash)

Have you recently bagged yourself a bargain?

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