Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Taking a detour

SBB wants to buy a new car. I'm completely fine with it and don't really have a preference. He wanted to go driving at the weekend to find out if anywhere on the Island has the one he wants (some kind of BMW - I don't really know which one. A car's a car as far as I'm concerned!)
We were in Newport when he decided he wanted to go looking and wanted to head out to Rookley to the place where he'd bought his first car. From where we were he just had to head down through Carisbrooke high street and turn right.
He did not.
Instead he headed out towards Shorwell - hoping there'd be a left turn towards Chillerton.
There was not.
We ended up heading out almost to Brighstone and then a large circular route through Blackgang. It was a random detour, but at least there was some lovely scenery.

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