Sunday, 25 October 2015


After the devastation of losing Pancho in August it's pretty safe to say that TTC was about the furthest thing from our minds so we expected it to be a 'dud' month.

[ This is a post about pregnancy stuff so if you'd rather skip it and wait for a DIY post (I promise one will be coming soon!) I won't be offended.]

My cycles had evened out to 33 days but the July's had been 40 days - bearing this in mind we waited until the 40 day cycle would have been a week late (47 days) which took us into September. After the 40 day mark passed we took bets on when my 'lady time' (as SBB calls it, and I think sounds rather elegant) would arrive. He thought day 43 and I guessed 45. I'd been cramping on and off for a few days - i.e. I would cramp on and off throughout the day, then nothing the next day and then it would all happen again - so we were utterly convinced that my 'lady time' would either turn up spectacularly late or I'd have to go and see my GP. Both our bets passed without anything happening and I was sure that the stress was just making me late.

So on the Saturday (one week late for a 40 day cycle, two weeks late for 33 days) I took a test. SBB was getting ready to go to work and we were chatting while he was in the shower. After he got out I dipped the test into the cup and set it on some tissue. He teased me about holding it in for the 'longest 10 seconds [he]'d ever seen' as I washed my hands and he joked about me needing to watch the clock next time as I had probably mucked up the test.

"Not that you're pregnant anyway," he said.

I rolled my eyes, chuckling ruefully, lent over to check the time and happened to glance at the test, expecting to only see the control line as I had oh-so-many times before.

Two lines.

I gasped, putting both hands over my mouth and SBB got up to look. I'm pretty sure I immediately burst into happy laughing tears and SBB, smiling, hugged me. I think I clung to him, sobbing in sheer disbelief and bewildered happiness.

I had to keep checking the test to make sure there were two lines, that I hadn't imagined it. I hadn't and there they were, no matter how many times I came back to check them. SBB reluctantly left for work and I sat on the sofa, beaming and a little dazed.

I was just under 7 weeks pregnant.

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