Sunday, 18 January 2015

All women need two hairdryers and other rules for life

1. All women need two hairdryers - because your hairdryer will ALWAYS break when you have sopping wet hair and are running late. This means that you will have no time to fully dry your hair under the bathroom heater and then can't straighten it so will have to go to work where your colleagues don't want to mention your hair 'just in case you meant it to look like that'.

2. Typically you will always forget your phone and mp3 player on the day that the internet at work is broken meaning that you will have no music to listen to and won't be able to search for a back-up hairdryer.

3. After a long day when you have no enthusiasm for cooking the Chinese will be closed - despite the fact that you know they were open on the same day the week before.

4. You will have dressed in sweats and a slobby hoodie in the anticipation of running into the takeaway and not taking off your coat. When the takeaway is closed you will then have to sit in another eatery and take off the coat thereby exposing said sloppy outfit.

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