Saturday, 31 January 2015

Latest happenings...

A lone rocking chair squeaks on its rockers. The wind rustles through the trees. In the distance a harmonica can be heard playing, its solitary voice haunting in the empty air...

Okay, okay, it may not be quite like that around our place but essentially we haven't been doing much DIY - at least, not any that's interesting. What I have been doing is cooking.

I love cooking (mainly because I love food!) but I feel safest when following a recipe. Here's a quick peak at what I've been making:

 These brownies are 'diet' brownies from my Cook Yourself Thin Quick and Easy. I bought it a few months ago and so far I've loved every single recipe I've tried. Especially the brownies!
 Technically not cooking but I recently received a granola topper from Graze and had no idea what to do with it. Then I had a bright idea that I could sprinkle it over some frozen vanilla yoghurt. So glad I did - it was awesome.
This low-calorie mac 'n' cheese doesn't look so great as leftovers straight out the fridge but the shape did amuse me. 'One lump or two?' I asked SBB - he wasn't so amused. 
 Granola topped fruit pie - a low calorie version of a crumble. I had a pretty serious craving last week so I dug out the recipe and made this little baby. Mixed with more frozen yoghurt it tastes just like the real thing!
This was my dinner last night - fruity curry over baked potato. I think I'm in love...

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