Friday, 6 May 2016

35 and 36 weeks pregnant - Hot Spots

I'm combining the two weeks because they were pretty similar.

Sleep is uncomfortable - my ear and hip hurt almost every night from constantly lying on my side (I'm feeling a little bit like a broken record saying that).

I have a hot spot on my left leg - on the front of my thigh. It's a bit weird. It feels like the sun is shining through the window and heating up one little patch. Except...I'm not sat in the sun and when I put my hand on my leg, it doesn't feel hot. Like I said, weird.

At the risk of sounding like I'm moaning I also have a headache that's lasted for two days - paracetamol hasn't put a dent in it so I haven't bothered to have more than one dose (no sense pumping myself full of drugs if it's not going to help), and some serious PGP which sends shooting pain through my right butt cheek and down my legs, but mainly down my right leg. I've also had heartburn a couple of nights so have had to sleep sitting up.

Baby has definitely dropped but hasn't engaged yet. From the emails I get from various 'baby companies' (Emma's  Diary, Baby2Body, Bounty etc) say that baby has less room so should be wriggling rather than kicking. Erm, no. That's not my child at all. The bony bum is sticking out on the left so the kicks are all on the right. Sometimes it feels like the baby's foot has got stuck in a tucked up position, then it strains to free it, before the foot pings free and kicks me in the side. Sometimes a little foot will get wedged up under my ribs but always gets removed after I rub my belly and ask baby not to shove their foot into mummy's ribs, thank you very much. I have such a well-behaved child!

On one final note - and I apologise for what for some might be TMI - I am horribly constipated. Bran flakes are now a regular appearance in my breakfast bowl.

I'm excited to finally meet baby but also feel these last few weeks are zipping by.

35 weeks

36 weeks

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