Thursday, 12 May 2016

39 weeks pregnant - Plug watch

I have to admit I'm feeling super organised. I actually turn 40 weeks tomorrow so I'm writing this on time!

This week was my first official week on maternity leave. I've been doing Bodyrock Baby videos and my Tara Lee pregnancy yoga every day, but trying not to overdo it as the PGP is getting worse - last night was the worst it's been so far. Possibly because I jogged to the post box yesterday. Slightly inadvisable, I think.

The baby has apparently engaged and I've been feeling quite a lot of pressure. I've also been experiencing  false labour - cramping and some back pain almost every day. Possibly some Braxton Hicks - my stomach goes hard so I assume that's what it is, but they don't hurt at all and aren't uncomfortable.

The false labour has spurred us into finishing final preparations for hospital and we finally packed SBB's bag.

The weather has taken a turn for the warmer side and all my maternity clothes are suitable for the cooler side of things so I'm struggling a little to find clothes to wear in public - my stretchy workout shorts are fine for slobbing around the house but not for going out and about. The bonus of that, I suppose, is that it forces me to take it easy.

We've already been to Tamarind this week and I had some Beef Sagwala and Potato and Chicken Madras to see if it would start anything off. It didn't, but I enjoy any excuse to go to Tamarind! I think we're going back once my due date passes.

Speaking of starting off labour, in addition to keeping as active as possible I've been drinking pineapple juice and using my gym ball every night.

My mother has been putting the 'S' in 'mothering' - texting me every day to check how I am. If anyone has any suggestions for how I can - sensitively and politely - tell her to stop pestering me I will gratefully receive them!

I am currently on plug watch. I have a feeling that this baby will come when I'm least expecting it - much like it 'arrived' when we took a pregnancy test. But, as SBB pointed out, from this point I'll be expecting it every moment - so it won't be that much of a surprise!
Still, I'm equal parts excited to meet our baby and still enjoying pregnancy so all at once I'm looking forward to the 'end' (and the rest of our lives!) and a little bit sad that it's almost over.

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