Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Last week was the week that Christmas decorations went up - both at home and at work.

The Christmas tree at work
The star on top
 It's not really my taste - I'm not really fond of tinsel - but putting the tree together from the measly amount of decorations that we have was an excuse to get away from my desk and to play Christmas music!

Decorating at home was a whole lot easier. Mainly because I was in charge but also because I only have four items that I regularly put up!

Anduril gets festive!
My decorations are all that you can see in the picture - with the exception of the advent calendar that Mum sewed for me when I was young - that goes up in the hall.

Instead of a full size tree I've opted for the small wooden one for the mantelpiece. It saves space and is much more eco friendly than a full size artificial one!

Plus it can't be nibbled by a certain pair of rabbits :)


  1. From a fellow tinsel phobe, I can relate to the need for no tinsel on a tree! All looking very festive though, which makes me slightly jealous. We haven't put our tree up yet (this weekend!) and I can't wait to make the house feel properly Christmassey!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! Looking forward to photos of that tree :)