Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Week 5 - DIY Christmas Countdown

Well. Best laid plans... I said last week that week 5 would have lots of updates but... that didn't quite work out. Saturday was supposed to be The Day To Do Stuff.
Then Saturday came, I uploaded week 6's update and then SBB stumbled out of the bedroom and suggested we stay on the sofa in our PJs. We hadn't got in til gone 1am that morning after heading to Portsmouth. I tried to work up the enthusiasm for going out. In the rain. To a cold flat to work. I teetered for a moment and then plunged directly into the need to stay in my pajamas. So we did.

Week 5 my focus was mainly on the living room windows. I've never been keen on the latches and you can see why:

They're an unattractive dirty shade of gold and someone way-back-when wasn't too careful with the brown stain/varnish so, now that we're giving the room a makeover, it was time for them to go.
I removed the locks as it's still possible to keep the window shut with just the arm, then I sanded the frame and filled in the screw holes with caulk.

When that dried I sanded it down but it had shrunk a little as it dried so I went over it again...

And that was the last thing I did. Pretty pathetic, really.

But I was joined by this little guy:

I set him free on the window sill.

SBB and Dad spent their time in the kitchen preparing the worksurface before they can cut out the hole for the hob. Dad had to buy a new tool to cut the hole out (I know, I know, technical huh?) so the back of the worksurface is currently just an interesting collection of lines.

The new sockets/light switches arrived. They're gorgeous. I was a little disappointed that the isolation switches both have 'cooker' written on them. The picture on the ebay had no writing on it at all which was ideal as one of them is for the washing machine/dishwasher sockets. Oh well.

Excuse the fingermarks. SBB ignored my cries of 'fingers!'

So SHINY....
Must make more of an effort to get down there more next week.

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