Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Musical Interlude

Last Friday we went to The Pyramids in Portsmouth to see The Rifles. We ended up taking the car as the passenger ferries didn't have any return crossings after half past ten (thanks Wightlink and Hovertravel...).

As it happens this was probably a good thing because A: we didn't have to walk around in the cold and B: it meant we could park near Gunwarf when we arrived and go to Burger King. Now, it's important to note at this stage the love that SBB and I have for Burger King. We don't have one on the Island so whenever we visit the Mainland we make our mission to eat there!

Happily filled up on Burger King we drove to Southsea and bagged a parking space practically outside the venue with free parking! I know, simple things...

We were the first ones in the queue and stood making idle chat with one of the door-staff, mainly along the lines of 'Ooh, isn't it cold!'

When we got inside we headed straight for the bar and bought a couple of bottled waters and the barman told us he had to keep the lids adding, at the puzzled look on my face, that it was company policy.

'What can you do with a bottle lid?' I asked in wonderment.

He shrugged. 'I don't know. Throw them at people? The management assumes everyone's fourteen.'

We laughed and went away with our drinks to find a convenient wall to lean against next to the lighting/sound area and SBB pointed out that a filled water bottle with a lid acts as a solid weapon. I looked at my water a little distrustfully.

'To think,' I joked, 'I've always assumed water to be a refreshing beverage when actually it's a lethal weapon!'

The stage
 The place was almost empty and that's pretty much how it stayed all night.

Only joking.

People started filtering in as the warm-up acts were playing.

I've never been to The Pyramids before and the room was smaller than I expected but it filled quite nicely.

The Rifles were supported by The Novatones and The Incredible Magpies. SBB said he could see influences by The Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys in The Novatones and as I speak write is downloading some of their music. But to me the aim of their music seemed to be 'thrash the instruments and sing as loudly and as bolshy as possible'.
The Incredible Magpies (as well as having an awesome name) seemed to have better control of their instruments and their singing.
I do have to point out that it all wasn't really my type of music so it's not really fair to 'review' these bands. SBB had bought two tickets, intending to be joined by a friend but he wasn't available. I hadn't known that SBB had been intending on going alone and, although he would have been fine, I couldn't bear the thought of him being on his own so happily agreed to go along with him.

Although I'm not really a fan of The Rifles I don't mind listening to them in the background as we're driving along, for example, so while I wasn't jiggling around like the rest of the crowd I was content to listen and tap my toe every now and again. My enjoyment was hampered somewhat by two things 1: I couldn't keep my eyes open I was so tired, 2: My shoulders and back were aching from my week at work. At one point though a couple of  'crowd control' staff popped up near me and started making 'I can see them' movements with their hands - do you know the ones I mean? - so I watched with interest, assuming someone was about to be yanked out of the crowd.
However, to my disappointment, they decided whoever it was wasn't as much of an issue as they'd thought and so they went away.

As the gig wore on I became increasingly grateful for being stood at the back against the wall as the semi-empty beer cups started flying. Perhaps it's just me but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. What is the entertainment factor of throwing your drink dregs over the people in front of you and, likely, hitting someone on the head with your cup?

Anyway, SBB really enjoyed himself and the music so that's what really counts.


  1. Hi Boney.
    I was just searching the internet for any reviews of my band and I came across this. Firstly thank you for sticking around to watch our set, you could have gone for a wander considering it wasn't your cup of tea but you didn't, We really do appreciate that. i think your summary of us is spot on ha ha ;) . also please pass our thanks on to SBB for downloading our music. i means alot to us that people listen and enjoy the songs we write.
    wishing you both a merry Christmas and a happy new year
    Anthony-The Novatones

  2. Thank you Anthony - I hope you guys have a good Christmas too. SBB has been listening to your album and has really been enjoying it so I think he'll be looking out for the next one! :)