Monday, 10 November 2014

One of those days....

This morning started off so well.

I got up before my alarm went off, which meant I was washed and dressed a whole 15 minutes early which, in turn, meant I actually got to sit down and eat my breakfast AND I had a cup of coffee. I NEVER have time to drink a hot drink in the mornings! I was quite chuffed, feeling sure that today - ah yes - TODAY would be a good day.

When we got into the truck to leave I realised I'd forgotten my water bottle so I ran back to the house to grab it.

In the meantime my mum had phoned and SBB was just hanging up when I got back to the truck. Turns out she'd forgotten her ID badge so we had to drive over to her house to grab it - she works in the same place as me but in a different department so I could easily drop it off. I gave Dad a quick kiss and ran back to the truck - aware that every extra minute meant SBB would be late for work. I stepped up into the truck - forgoing the step to hop in quicker and....


I froze in horror. I'd ripped my trousers. I poked at the seam and, believing it to be a small hole, told SBB to drive as I thought I could get away with hiding at my desk all day.

Then a thought struck me. What if the hole got bigger?

OR - what if it was bigger than I thought? I checked again.

It was bigger than I'd thought.

Putting my hand through the hole
 Luckily I had my painting clothes with me as I'd planned to go to the flat. I changed into the trousers in the truck which must have been a sight for passing motorists! You may well laugh (everyone in my office did!) but I had to spend the rest of the day in my paint splattered baggy jogging trousers.

However, what I should really take away from this is how I lucky it was that I had a spare pair of trousers. If I hadn't... Well. If I hadn't SBB would have driven me home to change and we'd both have been late for work.

I went up to the flat after work and painted some mould treatment around the windows in the living room. With the flat empty for so long it wasn't ventilated or heated so we discovered a bit of a problem around the windows. SBB had been up there at the weekend while I was getting wet trying to put out and then frantically take back in the laundry (good times!). He put up the kitchen wall cabinets...

(You'll have to excuse the quality of the photos - I took them on my phone.)

He also took up the floor in the living room, which makes the room look so much bigger. (It's almost carpet time :) So exciting!)

We also realised last week that we hadn't bought a kitchen hood so during my lunch break I had a quick scout about and we picked up this little baby from B&Q (on sale!):

I also ordered some switches and sockets for the kitchen - they should be here this week and I can't wait to show them - they look so swish.

It's all coming together.

When we got home SBB cleaned out the rabbits and there was a poo explosion. Turns out Cillian had some wet poo in his fur. He paused just long enough for SBB to notice and then ran away - flicking it over the door, the skirting board, the coffee table, my dinner tray and the carpet. Ah, the pitfalls of having indoor rabbits... We had to put the poor baby in the bath and I cuddled him until he was dry. So maybe the day wasn't so bad that some cuddles couldn't fix it.

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