Thursday, 6 November 2014

Week 7 update

I'm regretting moaning about how cold I thought it was. It is NOW cold. In fact we had the first frost this morning. There wasn't any frost on the car but the ground was white and crispy just outside my office.

Those little crescents at the bottom of each window pane always have a lovely wintry feel - the fact that that brick wall is my view from my desk... is not so great.

 Cold weather = hot drinks and the other I picked up this little baby:

I bought the normal peanut butter version a while ago and it was DE-licious so when I saw this peanut butter and CHOCOLATE version I knew I had to buy it and I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed a yummy cup this morning while I was warming up from the frosty walk!

Stuff has been happening at the flat - but not happening with a capital 'H' unfortunately. I finally got started on a job that I've not been looking forward to. There's a box over the pipework in the bathroom which has needed stripping and repainting and I finally got to work on it. The angle was really awkward for me (see picture below) to scrape off the paint but luckily it came off really easily.

Two coats of primer later and it looks like this. I was so glad that we have a new unused toilet - particularly as my face was basically pressed against the rim the entire time of scrapping, sanding and painting.

BUT before you think that this is the most boring DIY update ever let me show you the kitchen. The spotlights are now wired up.

And here they are with two lights in:

 I love the look of the lights and am really excited to see how it looks when they're all in. And look! More cabinets have been put together - just need to put them on the wall.
SBB wants to move the fridge into the kitchen - I've already painted that part of the skirting board - so that we can rip up the flooring in the living room and I can get to work on that skirting board and then it's carpet time! Which really excites me because I love carpet shopping, don't ask me why.

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