Friday, 7 November 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

I've been on a health kick since April this year. I realised I'd got to a weight that A: was the heaviest I'd ever been and B: I didn't like it. So I started exercising again and over the months I managed to lose a stone and four pounds. I reached 11 stone and sort of hovered around it for about two months. I wasn't too worried as I could pinpoint the areas where I'd gotten lazy - either with my nutrition or with my workouts - but then I realised that if we get pregnant straight away I could lose the opportunity of reaching my goal weight and then possibly struggle to reach it whilst working off pre-baby weight AND baby-weight.
It's not impossible, I know, and many women do it - I've seen the blogs! - but I'd said to myself that I was going to get down to my goal weight before getting pregnant and dammit I want to hit that goal!

I've been weighing myself on Wednesdays - 'Weigh in Wednesday' I like to call them in my head and occasionally out-loud to SBB and he always looks at me as though I've said something cute - at the same time, wearing the same thing (which cuts out any excuses I might make to myself) but this Wednesday something amazing happened.
For the first time in about 7 years I was below 11 stone. It was only by one pound but I was in the tens again. Cue happy dance and fists pumps and dancing around in front of SBB yelling 'Oh yeah, oh YEAH! I rock!'
I realise this is a DIY blog - but I think this comes under the category 'life'? - and for all I know I could just be talking to myself. So, there you have it, it may be a small victory but I'm gonna take it and run with it. Probably not literally because I'm clumsy and I'd probably trip over. But still - yay me.

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