Wednesday, 3 February 2016

23 weeks pregnant and confusing the petunias out of the midwife

(Still catching up with pregnancy updates)

Sleep is a bit hit and miss. Baby's schedule seems to be pretty much the same as mine - i.e. awake when I am - so it's not kicking that's keeping me awake, it's sleeping on my left side. I'm a front or right-side sleeper by habit so only being able to sleep on the left is sometimes uncomfortable. I've been coping well with a couple of standard pillows under the bump and against my back - rather than fork out for a pregnancy pillow - but sometimes simply lying in one position all night will make my shoulder ache. Or my hip. Or my ear. Argh....

We had our midwife appointment this week. It was brief. Then I confused both her and the HCA by asking about the dating of the pregnancy and the scans. The basis of my question was this:

During early pregnancy it's dated from the LMP - so technically you're already two weeks pregnant by the time you actually fall pregnant, then the 12 week scan is supposed to give a more accurate date.


Working backwards from the age that the sonographer gave us the first day of my pregnancy was still in the midst of my period, which doesn't strike me as possible.

Now this may not seem like a big deal and at the moment it isn't but I don't want to reach the end of my pregnancy and get to 41 weeks pregnant and be pressured in to having an induction when actually the dating of the pregnancy is about 7-10 days out. It may not come to that but I wanted to ask the professionals to see if the dating was supposed to be like that.

They didn't know and I don't think they actually understood what I was asking. Unfortunately the more I tried to clarify, the more confused they became. So in the end I left it.

I also bought some stuff from Zulily - a few baby bits and a couple of pieces of maternity clothes. When it all arrives I'll post a couple of photos - namely because the baby pieces are adorable!

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