Wednesday, 17 February 2016

26 weeks pregnant - Hello heartburn

I had been wondering at which point the baby and uterus would be heavy enough to start pressing on the vena cava. Well, it's this week. One morning I woke up on my back and my legs were numb and tingly.

The last few nights have been a bit painful - yet again one night I woke up and my hip, shoulder and ear were in agony. Particularly as I now definitely can't lie on my back, it's very annoying as I don't have any position to change to.

Heartburn - the worst I've experienced so far - crashed back into my life on Sunday evening and stayed all day on Monday so I didn't feel like going for my birthday curry at the Tamarind. Our shower also broke for the third time in two weeks - the water pressure suddenly dropped and started pouring out of the wall unit. It's currently in bits as my Dad works on it. Although the heartburn subsided it has randomly popped up again throughout the week, but thankfully not as bad as it was.

Walking for any distance outside is getting a little painful. I have to keep reminding myself to set a slower pace, otherwise I keep getting what I can only describe as 'front stitch' which occurs not in my obliques like normal stitch but in my lower abdominals near my hips. I assume baby must have had a growth spurt. I've also noticed that I have a muscle/tendon in the underside of my right foot that twangs whenever I walk. It feels like the precursor to cramp, which makes me nervous.

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