Saturday, 13 February 2016

25 weeks pregnant - aka The Bereft Banana, The Nocturnal Babel Fish and Where Are My Feet?

"Welcome to your third trimester."



According to my Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book from DK publishers week 25 signals the start of  the third trimester. I didn't think it was for a couple of weeks but apparently it's all to do with how you work out the maths. If you work it out by days (which, unsurprisingly, my book does) week 25 is the third trimester but if you work it out by weeks it's week 27. Huh.

I think the 'pregnancy brain' may have started.... I made some banana oat bars for mid-morning snacks and the recipe calls for ripe bananas. Mine we still a little hard, which made mashing them difficult so I added a little oil and put them in the microwave to soften them a little.

It was the only the next morning, when I came to put my porridge in the microwave that I found this:

The Bereft Banana. Poor little thing.

My parents also took me on a shopping trip to Southampton to buy a few baby bits, which was very generous, however my mother seems to equate buying presents with love so I spent the majority of the trip resisting being pressurised into having unnecessary 'stuff'.
Two things that seemed to annoy my mother were A: I've been very organised so already purchased the cot bed, travel system, bouncer and storage items for the nursery in various sales and B: we live in a small house so don't have enough room to store unnecessary 'stuff'.
She was very upset that I refused her offer of having a baby wardrobe. I don't want to offend anyone that has bought a baby wardrobe but, personally, I think they're a bit pointless. She was also very enamoured with the various baby baths for sale. Again, I'm sure some people have found them handy but I don't have the room to store one and, as they only last a few months, I'd prefer something that has a little longevity.... And folds away (small bathroom).
Mum picked up a bath support that was almost a quarter of the size of the bath.
"That's lovely, Mum, but we don't have room for it."
"Sure you do. It will hang on the wall."
"In the bathroom."
"Yes, but where in the bathroom? It's too bulky. We don't have the space."
.....And so on.

But here are the very useful I items I was delighted they could buy for us:
Nappy bag and towel bale (Mothercare)

Baby carrier, two mattress protectors and Airwrap (John Lewis)

Cot mattress fitted sheets (Mamas & Papas)
They also bought a couple of sleeping bags and some cute clothes but Mum kept those to give me later in a special 'present box'.

This week was also my birthday so Mum and I went to the Lakeside Hotel for a spa afternoon and Afternoon Tea as a special treat.


The view
Unfortunately I couldn't use the jacuzzi, steam room or sauna but we had a nice swim before our facials.

This week I noticed that I can no longer see my feet when standing normally and I seem to have a nocturnal Babel Fish that likes to sing. Every night I have a song playing in my head that goes round and round through the night and is still with me when I wake up. Unfortunately it always seems to be songs I don't like.

My view
 Baby is starting to react to loud noises but luckily seems to only be awake when I am. However, whenever I get up in the night, baby takes that as a sign that it's time to wake up so gifts me with a bit of squirming and a few kicks before eventually deciding to settle down again.

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