Monday, 1 February 2016

22 weeks pregnant

(Catching up with pregnancy updates)

The itching has returned this week. I've been doing my best to apply my cream every morning and the thicker bump oil/cream in the evening. My bump also got bigger - quite surprisingly so. In fact I just seemed to wake up one day and shazzam - there was a bigger bump.
I've started to experience the comments of 'ooh your bump is getting big!'. I appreciate for most people it's just something to say but, really, it's not like I haven't noticed and I am growing a small human - it's supposed to get bigger!

This week brought about another milestone. I was in the bath listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and I saw my belly move. It was a hefty kick and pretty amazing to watch. I called SBB in but he couldn't see it - probably because I only had a candle to light the room and it was pretty dark. It was a little unreasonable but I felt a annoyed at him as though he were being intentionally unobservant or something.

However, the next night I was lying in bed while SBB was reading and felt some massive kicks. I got SBB to put his hand on my belly and he finally felt the baby move. Then I lifted up my t-shirt, my belly moved again and he finally saw it!
At last!

I'm so glad that the baby's kicks are now strong enough that SBB can feel them - it's great that we can experience it together rather than me having it all to myself.

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