Saturday, 14 February 2015

An overdue introduction

It's past time that I introduced two very special little ones!

 These are some early pictures of my fur babies - they're only about 10 weeks old in these two photos.
 So let me introduce you. First we have Cillian, our beautiful little boy. He's a little camera shy but when we do get photos of him they're so worth the effort:
And then we have Pancho, our little princess. She's stubborn and spoilt and utterly gorgeous! She, unlike Cillian, loves the camera. I just have to say 'Pancho, pose!' and she will:
They're both mini lops and they've just turned three years old. They're not from the same litter and we bought them from a breeder in Shoreham-by-Sea - I'd love to give you a link to her website but she seems to have taken down it down.
Look for more cute pictures and antics in the future!

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