Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Back into the garden!

I do love spring, don't you? In fact, it's my second favourite season - autumn being the first. I love the sound of birds singing in the trees, new flowers popping up out of the ground...

 Ah, isn't it lovely? Oh. Wait.
 The pesky little bugger burst right through the webbing!
 And here's another. This is a huge bulge in the gravel border.
The red arrows point to all of the flowers 'springing' up. I'm not sure where they've all come from. The border down the side of the house has been dug over several times and sprayed liberally with plant killer. The most annoying thing is that I like spring flowers! I enjoy watching them grow. I just wish they wouldn't grow in (and OUT of) the gravel border that I've spent good money on.

I also had a go at an old bush in the front garden.

I wanted to dig up all the roots to start cleaning the ground properly but it was one of those bushes that, anywhere the branches touch the ground they sprout roots. I bent the spade. I broke my watch. I gave up.
I've had this watch for about twelve years and all I've ever had to do is replace the battery. I'm a little bit gutted to say the least.

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