Wednesday, 25 February 2015

New watch

In my last post I mentioned that my watch got broken in the garden. I've been wearing a watch for about twenty years and quite honestly I feel naked without one so while I'm waiting for mine to be fixed I needed to get a replacement.

I had a look on ebay and there were a few I liked but I didn't want to wait for delivery and I didn't fancy trawling through the jewellery shops in Newport so I fell back on ol' reliable Argos. I wasn't really impressed with the range but then I was only buying a quick and cheap one to tide me over until my 'actual' watch could be repaired.

After probably about an hour of comparing (I'm very picky) I ended up with this one:


It's pretty, feminine and has a traditional leather strap. SBB thinks the face looks too big for my wrist and I have to agree, but I still think I'll keep wearing it every now and again.
The bonus is that I bought it with Nectar points so it was 'free'!

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