Tuesday, 5 April 2016

29 weeks pregnant - Feeling grotty

I took a swim in my new maternity swimsuit this week. It was a good swim apart from being joined in the lane by a woman who wasn't following the rules - i.e. going too fast (I was in the slow lane) and not swimming anti-clockwise like you're supposed to.
Anyway. I did forty minutes. No idea how many lengths that was, I was just pootling along just enjoying the swim - as much as I could with the 'medium' lane people splashing me in the face every so often.

I've managed to be very organised this week - getting and wrapping my mum's Mother's Day gift and a card for SBB's mum, and sorting my sister-in-law's birthday present two weeks early.

I also bought a bag to take to hospital. I'd been planning on buying a gym bag, although I've never found them useful - I'm more of a backpack person. SBB and I went into Sports Direct because I'd seen a couple on their website that I thought would be good, but as we were standing there looking at the bags SBB pointed out several things:

  • I don't get on with gym bags
  • Every gym bag he's ever bought has fallen apart within weeks
  • We're going to have enough to carry - with the baby and the birthing pool and the nappy bag - without having another bag to carry too
  • The only ones on the shelves that would actually be big enough to be useful were more money than I'd said I was willing to spend
He'd pointed out the suitcases, but I didn't really want to spend £20-£30 on a small cabin-sized case that I'd be unlikely to ever use again. He went off to have another look at the gym bags and that's when I spotted a small cabin-sized red Dunlop case for £13.99. Bargain. I also had a £5 voucher for having had an order delivered to the store previously, which technically meant the suitcase was only £9!

This week I came down with another cold - my second in two months - the second morning I had it I got out of bed after a restless night and promptly almost collapsed, my legs were so weak.
Obviously, I can't take anything because I'm pregnant so I've really been suffering and feeling quite sorry for myself.

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