Saturday, 23 April 2016

32 weeks pregnant - Whooping Cough vaccine and nappy panic

Nappy panic is not unknown to me - I've experienced it before. Does it seem like a strange term? I'm not sure if mothers-to-be that are planning on using disposables suffer from this - or even if anyone else apart from me has experienced this, I may be utterly unique in my panic!

We're planning on using cloth nappies. I came across the concept before we even started trying for a baby, so I've had a good amount of time to research it. However. This week I had a sudden panic that I didn't have enough nappies suitable for a newborn. While I'm confident that we have enough nappies at home, I started to worry about how many we needed to take to hospital. There's surprisingly little official on the internet, or perhaps that's not so surprising as it's cloth. All the pages I read mentioned taking a pack of nappies - and quite a few of the forums were the same. Cloth nappy forums had varying answers. I began to become concerned about the washing factor - if I'm kept in for a  long time SBB would have to wash the nappies and I didn't want to have to make him worry about that. I'm sure he'll learn how to do it in time, but if I'm in hospital he'll have to worry about.

Anyway, the first time I packed the nappies I just packed muslins and boosters. I pre-folded the muslins to make my life easier, but with 10 of them in the bag they were REALLY bulky - which also contributed to my nappy panic.

I had my Whooping Cough vaccine this week. I had it in my left arm as I'm right handed but didn't realise until the next morning that, because I'm pregnant, what side do I sleep on? My left. So my shoulder's really been aching for the last couple of days. It really hurts to do anything with my arm - like lift it or drive.

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