Saturday, 23 April 2016

Confession time...

I cheated on my husband.


Actually I cheated on a promise I made him not to buy any more cloth nappies.

I bought more nappies.

And lied about it.

It stemmed from my sudden bout of nappy panic. After a bit of thinking I decided that to buy a Flip wrap with some disposable inserts would solve both the problems of needing more nappies and cutting down on washing. I'd read/seen a bit about Flip nappies and it was one of those brands I just wanted, so that worked out very nicely. I ended up getting them from The Changing Mat (which I've since learnt is closing down - sad face). They got sent with a free gift of refresher type sweets which I thought was a lovely touch. I don't eat them, but SBB happily gobbled sensibly ate them.

As I was looking around for the best deal for the Flip and inserts I was perusing The Nappy Stash website and came across the mystery bundles that they sell. I was intrigued. I was curious. I was clicking 'add to my basket'....

Then, I was hit with the guilt but couldn't quite face telling SBB the truth about caving in and buying more nappies. Of course, I rationalised it to myself by saying that 'other women' do it all the time with shoes or handbags. Then I compounded the problem by lying about it.

So, to those at The Nappy Stash; if my husband asks I won the mystery bundle as part of a competition, and very generous it was of you too!

(I also bought a couple of pots of CJ's Butter as The Nappy Stash has the best price - I didn't lie to SBB about buying these...)

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